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Noah, How do You Walk with God?

In this meditation, art and Bibliodrama workshop we walk as Noah, experience a direct connection to the animal and plant world, confront Noah’s choices and build an altar to acknowledge the past and embrace the future.

The Saga of Abraham and Sarah

We explore several moments in the life of Abraham and Sarah through movement and Bibliodrama and discover our own place  in the family today.

“Never before had I connected so deeply with the troubling story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, Now I will never think of it again without the intimate connection to my own life” Workshop participant

Jacob's Dream

In this workshop we interpret Jacob’s dream through Bibliodrama, collage and music. As the dream story unfolds we will begin to understand our own spiritual journey and who is accompanying us.

“Wow, you taught me things I had no knowledge of” Workshop participant

The Bones of Joseph

Discover the Bones of Joseph and learn through Bibliodrama, storytelling and collage why this reconnection with the bones may be a pivotal moment in history and how it informs our choices for the future.

Mmmmm. Elim

Discover what Elim has to offer the Children of Israel after the flight from Egypt through art, musical improvisation and drama and examine the opportunities opening up for the group in this new found freedom.

Aaron’s Rod

Whittle your own rod as you discover not only its biblical use but how you may benefit from it today.

Sanctuary Builders

This workshop allows the group to design and experience sacred space through art and Bibliodrama first as it was described in the Torah and then how it may be structured in our own lives today.

“I like how I can connect the bible story so closely to my own. It feels so real” Workshop participant

The Death of Aaron the High Priest

Legacy is the theme in this workshop. As this Bibliodrama unfolds we will become aware of the responsibilities we have in maintaining the sanctification of the male and female priesthood.

Sacrifice the Bull on Rosh Chodesh

Explore the meaning of sacrifice, it's implications for the individual and community of today and tomorrow.

“You are just so creative, I never even knew you could study the Torah like this” Workshop participant


Isolation is a predominant theme in Leviticus. Explore the command to go to the place of isolation, the healing that takes place there and the voices of the people left behind.

Standing on the Banks of the Jordan

The biblical moment about to happen in this story is one of transition. The theme invites us to explore both this moment in the text and our own stories of transition. We will discover the qualities it takes to cross from one chapter of life to another. Our stories will provide the backdrop and momentum for the creation of a large collaborative painting.

The Red Heifer

Discover the deep cleansing personal purification ritual performed before Passover and experience the role of the mysterious Red Heifer in biblical times and in our future.

“You took a really tough Torah portion and had a really tough crowd, but you reached us in ways we would never have thought possible” Rabbi and workshop participant

Bedtime Ritual

Discover a deep, timeless bedtime ritual for adults and children and create a pillow to last a lifetime.

“You just did my three Elul sermons with that puppet: Forgiveness, Gratitude and Prayer” Rabbi and workshop participant

Nature Connection

Using the arts and all our senses we explore the subtle messages that nature has for us and allow nature itself to inform our choices in preserving it.

“To tell you the truth, I never knew my husband had that inside him. His work is really beautiful. Thanks for bringing this out in him. He enjoys your workshops so much” Wife of workshop participant

Online Learning:

Learn the tools to facilitate exploration of the Torah through the mediums of Bibliodrama, Visual Art, Rhythm, Sound, Film, Meditation, Movement and Creative Writing. No experience is necessary either in Bible or Creativity.

Our Online Learning is comprised of 10 modules.

The Learning requires a minimum of 6 participants who come together once a week for a live call. $500 per person.

Email support is provided during the entire 10 modules.

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