it’s all about the hyphen

Our old biblical figures are still able to tell us something about who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

Explora-Torah events are facilitated by Elizabeth Yaari or Peter Pitzele and enable people of all ages, faiths and abilities to deeply connect with one another, explore their personal interpretation of the Torah and express themselves using Bibliodrama, sound, movement, creative writing, visual art, nature connection, meditation and photography.

“This was way WAY beyond what I thought it was going to be” Workshop Participant

interactive                               all events are participatory

interpersonal                           we love to hear your story

co-creative          create with the group, no experience necessary

inquiry based    the questions have no right or wrong answers

experiential               learn by being a character in the Torah

whole person            deep listening and speaking from the heart

multi-sensory            learn through imaginary or real senses

intergenerational   the young model creativity, the old wisdom

nature connection        sometimes all this is easier in nature

large scale art projects   huge painting, sound or movement

creation of sacred space       circle gatherings with ritual

We facilitate workshops world wide and teach online

“People in our community want to engage in authentic conversation, deep mutual understanding and self expression. This is exactly what Explora-Torah does” Workshop Participant

“Thank you for an extraordinary experience. I am enriched by your inspiration! We cannot thank you enough for finding new ways to engage our community in Torah learning!” Shellie Dickstein The Jewish Education Project

“Elizabeth, I just wanted to write and let you know how much our congregation enjoyed your visit as a scholar-in-residence! The meditation you led on Friday night was deeply moving, and I was impressed that you were able to connect so quickly with more than 200 people in front of you. And then the dramatic text study you led on Saturday morning was engaging and provided us with an interesting twist. I have heard from dozens of Temple members who enjoyed your presence in both settings, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to connect with you and Hazon!” Rabbi Mark Miller, Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills, MI